Biometric Door Lock

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Security is always a preference for residential dwellings, business enterprises, government agencies, schools, and colleges. People do not want the entrance of unauthorized personnel in the building. High security measures are crucial to safe valuable assets, from being meddled by unauthorized persons. For people who want only authorized person entrance, a biometric door lock is the most suitable option. The biometric door lock contains a system that comprises biometrics, or the identification of unique human data, to permit access.

How Biometric Door Lock works

Depending on your priorities, access can be permitted by recognizing fingerprint, footprint, eye or pupil, voice, face features, etc. The distinct features of an individual who has permitted authority, to open a peculiar door are feed on the locking system. By programming unique human characteristics to permit access, there is sureness that only required persons can access the building or into a prohibited area of the building. Besides, door locks, a biometric system can also use for gun safe boxes, and electronic devices security. You can also take a benefit of biometric access system to allow the control of locks within the building.

Where Biometric Door Lock is used

The best example of its utilization would be in an office as this system can permit access on various compartment of the office building, only during working hours then after wards, it is locked and will not allow entering anyone. Having this system also allows the people to supervise access on specific areas within the building. An efficient biometric access control system can notice every entrance or attempted entrance to restricted areas.

The other good thing about biometric access control is the feasibility in which you open doors. With a biometric locking system, you do not need to worry about keeping the keys with you.

It has replaced the traditional locking system

The entrance can be permitted by as simple way, as with just an image of the palm or a fingerprint. In addition, its appearance provides nice look to the building, giving it a beautiful charm

This biometric locking system is gaining its popularity and is now replacing traditional locking system of the buildings. Door lock producers and suppliers are making their own variant of biometric access systems. May be in the future all door locks would contain biometric technology. There is no replacement of the safety and ease that it provides. It may sound bit costly, but it is worthwhile investment, if the security is your priority

What are the benefits?

Before getting a biometric lock, consider the advantages and disadvantages first. If the positives weigh more than the negatives, you know it is time you get one for your home as well.

The benefit of using a biometric lock is advanced security. Although, there are methods of coping your fingerprint but these procedures cannot be done by ordinary citizens. They are easier than using traditional locks as they decrease the time you require to search for your keys and fit them in the door. There are no troubles of lost or misplaced keys and no chances of finding yourself locked out of your building. They are also very easy to use and most are programmed with different languages to support for people of different languages.

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